Posted January 5th, 2023 Ranks Us One Of The Best Medical Assistant Schools In Texas (Here's Why)

We can hardly contain our excitement about some news we want to share with you; San Antonio Medical Assistant School was voted as a top trade school in San Antonio by! We are so proud of this designation and even more thrilled to be one of just eleven trade schools to make the cut.

Being recognized among the best medical assistant schools in Texas is something we take very seriously. Our entire staff works hard to deliver the highest level of customer service to both students enrolled in our training program, as well as any prospective students considering attending our school.

We don't take this award lightly; we will continue to provide exceptional service to our students in the San Antonio, Texas, area and beyond for as long as we operate.

How Does Rank the Best Medical Assistant Schools in Texas?

Every month, performs in-depth research to find the top service providers in 200 industries in the United States. They carefully evaluate over 60,000 businesses around the country to help customers find top-quality professionals. They regularly update their research process to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards so they can ensure their rankings stay relevant concerning customer needs and demands. also hires mystery shoppers to contact various organizations anonymously as part of their evaluation. These shoppers test each service provider's responsiveness, efficiency, and friendliness toward prospective customers or students. We received 5 out of 5 stars for all categories, including our Professionalism Score!

Professionalism Score: 5!

  • Responsiveness
  • Friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • Detail

What Do Students Learn at Top Medical Assistant Schools in Texas?

When attending one of Texas's best medical assistant schools, students can expect to receive online and hands-on training where they may learn various skills crucial to medical assisting. Most importantly, students learn to be an integral part of a healthcare team. They obtain skills in patient care, clinical duties, and administrative responsibilities. The best medical assistant programs provide theoretical knowledge and practical experience through hands-on work at clinics or hospitals.

In addition to the fundamental principles taught in medical assisting classes, students may choose to specialize in specific areas such as pediatrics or gerontology. Some schools even offer billing and coding courses so that graduates have the skills needed to handle the financial aspects of healthcare. Depending on the school, graduates may qualify for certification exams upon successfully completing their studies.

Students may learn the following:

  • How to take patient vitals
  • How to properly clean the exam room
  • How to sterilize instruments
  • Urinalysis
  • Venipuncture
  • How to perform various injections
  • EKG
  • Finger sticks
  • Ear irrigation

At San Antonio Medical School, an externship is included in (and required by) our training program. After students learn everything there is to know about being a medical assistant, they'll go on to complete the required 80-hour externship (that we can help them find), where they can practice their skills even further. With in-depth training under their belt, graduates of the best medical assistant schools in Texas will leave with all the skills necessary for success in various entry-level medical assistant roles.

What Do the Best Medical Assistant Schools in Texas Offer?

There are a variety of medical assistant schools in Texas, each of which offers slightly different program formats, lengths, and pricing. You'll want to find the one that meets your unique needs and goals. For example, San Antonio Medical Assistant School offers a hybrid training program with some online and in-person instruction at real medical offices in the area.

By attending one of the best medical assistant schools in Texas, students can be confident they'll receive top-notch instruction from expert instructors with real-world experience in medical assisting. Instructors in the academy are either medical assistants or medical professionals with years of experience in the field.

Students are also assisted in preparing for and passing the national certification exam. Plus, with such high-quality training, graduates will be at a significant advantage when applying for jobs in the medical field or furthering their education.

Are the Best Medical Assistant Schools in Texas Affordable?

Once you've decided to look for a medical assistant training program in San Antonio, Texas, you'll want to consider the costs associated with your training. Many schools offer medical assistant training in the area, with varying program costs. Can you find a medical assistant school in Texas that is both reputable and affordable? Yes! It's essential to find a medical assisting program that matches your budget so you aren't left with debt from your education for years to come.

One example of an affordable training program is the one available at San Antonio Medical Assistant School. We keep our program low-cost and offer standard and custom payment plans to meet the needs of prospective students based on their budgets and financial goals. Prospective medical assistant students can customize a payment plan to pay off their tuition before graduation.

How Long are Programs at the Best Medical Assistant Schools in Texas?

One great thing about becoming a medical assistant is that it doesn't have to mean years of schooling and the education bills to go with it. Students can complete their training at San Antonio Medical Assistant School in just 24 weeks!

Training features a hybrid learning program, where students complete both at-home and in-person learning for flexibility and convenience. In addition to at-home studying, students also attend in-person training in a medical office each weekend to get plenty of hands-on training in a lab to prepare them to show off their newly learned skills.

Upon completing the course at San Antonio Medical Assistant School and passing the national exam, students will be Certified Clinical Medical Assistants (CCMA) through National Healthcareer Association (NHA). With this certification, students can practice as a CCMA anywhere in the United States!

If you apply today, you'll be ready to find your first job as a medical assistant just 24 weeks after class begins!

Why We Rank Among the Best Medical Assistant Schools in Texas

At San Antonio Medical Assistant School, we have a 90% completion rate, meaning nearly all students who attend our medical assistant training program graduate. Those are some impressive statistics! Our students have great things to say about San Antonio Medical Assistant School. Here are a few testimonials from our current and former students:

“…They take the time to teach you, and they’ll always answer your questions professionally; plus, they have a way of explaining the material that’s easy for everyone to understand and learn. I am glad I gave this program the opportunity to teach me all I need to become a successful Medical Assistant."

~Mayra, San Antonio Dental Assistant School Graduate

“My experience at San Antonio Medical Assistant School has been amazing! I have learned a lot from the lectures to the hands-on labs. The instructors are great and they really make sure you are grasping the information! The instructors are also very nice and care about each and every student. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to pursue a future in medical assisting!”

~Leah, San Antonio Dental Assistant School Graduate

“The San Antonio Medical Assistant School is great. The instructors are great and are always available when you have questions. They make sure you are comfortable with all clinicals and make sure you understand the lecture. They always have a smile on their face. I always look forward to attending class."

~Rosaria, San Antonio Dental Assistant School Graduate

Attend One of the Best Medical Assistant Schools in Texas

San Antonio Medical Assistant School aims to help students in the metro jumpstart their careers as medical assistants without having to carry the burden of student debt and attend prolonged periods of schooling. Students receive all the skills they need through a proven curriculum led by passionate and knowledgeable instructors who are excited to help them succeed in the field. So if you want to become a certified medical assistant, consider San Antonio Medical Assistant School as your first step.

Learn more about what makes our school a great place to begin your career as a medical assistant in Texas at

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